Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mixed Martial Arts Training

It hardly takes much convincing to conclude that having blinding speed of punches or bone-cracking power in kicks are the most desirable assets for Martial Artists to possess.

Remember Miyamoto Musashi stated in his famous text "A Book of Five Rings" that one ultimate goal of the warrior is to learn to end the fight with a single blow! That's exactly where speed and power come in!

The idea is to make them as specific as possible so as to achieve the most applicable results. In this article we will attempt to explore some of the best methods available to get those results.

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Basically the more you practice your particular techniques, the more your nervous system becomes familiar and you naturally get faster. It's a really good idea to use mirrors because you can self-coach, so to say, and strip away wasted movements as well as learn to utilize power centers (like the hips and legs). Click below to continue reading.



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