Saturday, July 28, 2007

An Interview With Ufc Fighter Mike Swick

Mike "Quick" Swick (born 19 June 1979) is an American professional mixed martial arts fighter.

He was a participant in the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, a reality television series produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which is one of the reasons for his popularity. He was eliminated from the competition after a semi-final loss to Stephan Bonnar.

Since joining the ranks of the UFC, Mike has gone 5-0 and is considered on of the top Middleweight contenders in the UFC

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MMAToday: How did you get involved in martial arts and MMA?

MS: I started in Tae-Kwon-Do at the age of 8. I have just been progressing from there every since...

MMAToday: Once you got started did you ever think you make it all the way to the UFC?

MS: I hoped! Ha-ha

MMAToday: How much did your appearance on TUF affect your training and your career?

MS: It made my career what it is today. It was the exposure that I needed and it made me train harder than ever.

MMAToday: What is it like going from fighting in smaller shows to fighting in the UFC? Were you nervous or did you feel you were ready to be there?

MS: It's a big difference. The UFC is the Big Show. I felt ready.

MMAToday: Your first 4 fights in the UFC lasted a combined 6 minutes or so, what was the rush?

MS: I am just an aggressive fighter... ha-ha

MMAToday: How has your training been coming? And how is the hand?

MS: Training is going great! Hand is almost 100%. I am still sparring and doing mitt work, I am just still a little careful with it.

MMAToday: Can you give us a little insight into your training regimen?

MS: We train 2-3 times a day, 6 days a week.

MMAToday: Who are you currently training with?

MS: We have a great crew in now... As far as training, I have Lynn Schutz, Bob Cook, Dave Camarillo, and Javier Mendez. As far as teammates I got Fitch, Koscheck, Thomson, Prangley, Southworth, Fukada, plus a lot of great up and comers. Baroni should be back soon as well.

MMAToday: What motivated you to keep going and fighting?

MS: Wanting to be the best...

MMAToday: Your next opponent is Yushin Okami on March 3rd, anything special planned for that fight?

MS: This fight is not for sure. Nothing is signed. We are still working on it. I want this fight though.

MMAToday: Where do you see yourself in the Middleweight title picture if you are victorious there?

MS: I guess it depends on how I perform. I plan to perform at my best.

MMAToday: How well do you stack up against the current champ Anderson Silva?

MS: Wouldn't mind finding out... ha-ha

MMAToday: Is there any other Middleweight out there in the UFC you would like to fight? And why?

MS: All of them!

MMAToday: Would you still like a rematch with Chris Leben?

MS: That fight will happen eventually and yes I will be happy when it does. After his performance against MacDonald though, it wouldn't be a step up as far as my career goes. I want to fight top contenders right now.

MMAToday: What fights in your career are the most memorable to you?

MS: All my UFC fights have been very memorable.

MMAToday: How much longer do you have on your current contract?

MS: A little over a year...

MMAToday: Any possibilities of jumping ship to another promotion when it's up?

MS: Nope.

MMAToday: Is there any fighter outside the UFC you would like to mix it up with?

MS: Haven't thought about it really.

MMAToday: What fighters do you enjoy watching and why?

MS: GSP, Liddell, Couture, CroCop, Riggs, Loiseau, Silva, etc... All the exciting ones! I am a huge MMA fan myself.

MMAToday: What fighters do you look up to?

MS: Too many to list!

MMAToday: Who do think would be your toughest fight and why?

MS: Right now, I think Anderson Silva. It would be a good test for me.

MMAToday: What are your hobbies outside of MMA?

MS: Traveling. I love traveling! Whatever happens after you die happens, but this is the only earth we will ever have and I want to see it all. I like playing poker as well.

MMAToday: Who do you think the best over looked fighter in your weight class is?

MS: I am not sure. I don't follow the forums too much to know who is favored more and stuff...

MMAToday: What do you think of Randy coming back?

MS: I am excited, I like him a lot.

MMAToday: What do you think of the UFC bringing in fighters from pride etc?

MS: I think they are just getting the best fighters from all over the world from all organizations and I think it's great. I love competition.

MMAToday: If you could fight anyone who would it be? Why?

MS: Silva for the title. I want the belt! Ha-ha

MMAToday: Thank you very much for your time Mike, is there anything you would like to add here to your fans or anyone in general?

MS: Thanks for all your support guys! Please check out my webpage at and my Myspace at I am also running a UNICEF campaign to raise money for underprivileged children worldwide. You can check out that page at Thanks!



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