Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Street Fighting - When Your Attacker Is Drunk

Would you like an unorthodox tactic for dealing with someone drunk in a street fight?

This one concept could mean that you either won’t have to fight the drunk individual, or you’ll have a definite upper hand, if you do have to fight.

I want to ask you a personal question?

Have you ever been drunk? (No, need to verbally respond to your computer screen.)

Think about all of the symptoms (or characteristics) of being drunk:

* Loss of balance

* The spins (feelings of vertigo)

* Loss of speed in walking and running

* Movement causing nausea

* Loss of stamina

* Blurred vision

* Slurred speech

Can you think of any more?

Unorthodox Street Fighting Tactics
Rather than explain specific martial-arts moves, I’d like to give you a more useful set of tactics.

If you have to face someone being aggressive, who is ‘royally snockered’ on alcohol, then use his (or her) condition to your advantage.

Let’s choose one of the above symptoms ... how about movement making a drunk person sick.

You have to face the drunk street fighter in front of you. So, your tactic could be to be unstable. Rock from one foot to the other.

Take little steps from side to side.

Maybe walk around or circle your opponent, while staying just out of reach.

Imagine how sick your drunkard would get trying to follow you ... around and around ... and aroun -- d....

Are there any other symptoms on the list that you could use against your wanna-be assailant?

Of course, this unorthodox tactic of using your drunks condition against him isn’t guaranteed to work. It “is” designed to give you the advantage. Maybe the ability to get away.

And if your attacker comes in close, you will have the martial skills and the advantage of a clear head, should you have to strike out.

Are you wondering about an effective move to use against a drunk? No, wrist locks and joint locks may not work on someone with dulled senses.

You may have to hit or kick.

I have a little ebooklet that will teach you a couple of important fighting skills. It’s free.

When you get to the part about the three nerve areas to cause pain, I want you to remember that those points may not be as effective on someone who is drunk.

No problem. Just adjust your follow-up hit to a new target, but maintain the same upper arm pressure.

You’ll see what I mean, when you take a look.

This Free ebooklet really will give you tips for improving your in-close elbow strike, and a great way to counter almost any elbow strike attempted on you.

The Perfect Free ebooklet for street fighting. Click Here!

Keith Pascal has been a full-time martial-arts writer for eight years and a martial-arts teacher for 25 years.



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