Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Technique - The Turtle Mount

The turtle mount is also know as rear mount or the back mount - Top. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques the turtle mount involves one to be behind the opponent, with one's legs hooked around them(the opponent). In this turtle mount position, one has a major advantage over the opponent. It is an excellent position by which one can apply chokes since the opponent is unable to see what you're doing. The back mount is used when the opponent is on all-fours position. It is advised to be sure and confident, and hook your feet around the opponent so that the opponent can't throw you off. This is yet another transition of the turtle mount from behind. In this position the back mount can also be used when one is on their own back. This position arises when the opponent tries to roll you off from the first back mount position. For the turtle mount one should always remember to hook the feet on to the opponents hips and never cross the feet, else this will end up in a nasty foot lock.

Modern day competitions have proved that the 'turtle mount' is a very powerful way to control an opponent. However the medieval samurai and submission grappler's had different concerns while grappling on the ground. The major advantage of this position is that an opponent becomes helpless to a number of submissions and has very little options or positions to escape and counter-attack. The turtle mount is not favored much in classical Ju-jutsu, because disengaging from an opponent and moving to another position quickly, is quite difficult.



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