Sunday, March 9, 2008

80 Percent of Martial Arts Doesn't Work

A very bold statement and one that is designed to get a reaction. A reaction from the many so called teachers, Instructors and masters here in the West!

I've studied Martial Arts for more than 30 years here in the UK. Many forms with many teachers...each giving their interpretation on the style they teach. Some look good with fancy kicks high in the air, others are very robotic and too inflexible but very few are USABLE.

At rick of sounding like I'm going back on the statements I just made, I still respect anyone who makes the time to study any form of Martial Arts. For the serious student it will change your life in many positive ways, some you will not expect but will be welcome all the same.

Almost as a side note: One health benefit apart from the obvious one of exercise is..your Lymphatic System. Let me explain. If you imagine your Lymphatic System is the bodies sewage works i.e. it help remove toxic waste from the body BUT this circulatory system does not come with a pump as with your Heart forcing blood round. To get this system working takes specific body movements that gently work your muscle and then this helps in removal of the Lymphatic toxins. This has been know for thousands of years...the proof, look how long people have been practicing Yoga or Ti Che and look at the life benefits these practitioners have obtained. These same benefits are gained from conducting Kata's or Form or Patterns which are a fundamental part of most Martial arts.

So why is it then that 80% of the information taught Won't work in a street situation. Well first lets look at how most lessons in most club are conducted. first you have a partner, you stand far enough away from them that you can safely practise the moves you have just been taught by one of your instructors and you repeat this over and over again so the physical memory is lock in. Keep in mind that when training in this manner your are about 2-4 feet away from each other depending whether your are using your hands or your feet. a street situation, looks and threats normally start at a distance(to far away for your to do anything apart from walk away...the smart move!) if and when things escalate your adversary stands toe to toe nose to nose, pushing and more. So at this distance where are the flying, spinning, all wonderful kicks that you can do in the can't use them because there's not enough room. there goes 50% of what you can do!

Because this person is so close it makes things hard to determine where the attacking blow is going to come from after all they are in your face and that's all your aware of so all the blocking moves your practice so well are now dormant for now. That's another 10-20% of your skill not helping you. Somewhere in the for-front of your mind you know things are going to kick off and punches exchanged, but you have been told to use it (Martial Arts) just to defend yourself and never strike first! This will place you into a VICTIM mentality so you'll be loosing before you start so emotionally your another 10% down.

So what is the point in studying for years if it is not going to help!

Well, keep going because in reality you never know which skill will help you in what situation. But here is my advice to you.

Find a instructor how is or has been in the armed forces and seen active duty. one how has worked as a Doorman/woman or in close perfection situation. These are the instructors who have been in the real life situations and HAD TO use their skills and are always the BEST teachers...not theorist as most tend to be. I have had fights against some world class fighters in competitions and they are great, but change the rules to anything goes as on the street and most crumble because their security blanket just got removed and now they could get hurt!

So in closing do your home work when it come to quality instructors, learn about their background it could save your life. I don't prefer any one style above any other, I just prefer Instructors.

For those of you who would like to learn from one I consider to be the BEST, email me and I will point you in the right direction. P.S. I am in no way Affiliated to this Instructor only My martial Arts world has changed dramatically since learning from him.

I wish you all the best and a safe life.

Andrew Danyadi Twice English Senior Karate Champion British Senior Champion North West Senior Grand Champion All Styles

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