Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pressure Point - An Unorthodox Use

Most people think painful strike when they imagine pressure points. Some martial artists image a slight pressure either causing pain or even loss of consciousness.

Here is a different use for a pressure point....

Pressure Points: Causing a Move
One great use of a pressure point is to cause your attacker to move in a direction of your choosing. More specifically, you can cause an arm, leg or torso to jerk to just the right spot in your self defense response.

Here are a few ways to incorporate this vital point principle:

1) Pressure Point Movement: Repetitive Annoyance
Little strikes, maybe with a knuckle, to the same spot repetitively, can cause your opponent to move the affected limb out of reach of your knuckle. The little raps don't have to be hard, just an annoyance.

And sometimes that move away is just what you want. This is definitely one way to cause an opening.

2) Pressure Point Movement: Collapse It "A Little"
Do you know of any pressure points on the upper thigh?

Hint: Try right between the muscles on the side of the thigh. You'll find a spot within a few inches of where a hit would cause a "Charlie Horse." Experiment, until you find a painful spot.

Use your knee to press against this spot, when you need to collapse your opponent's leg a little. It can be used for a setup for a sweep, or even as a distraction before you punch.

3) Pressure Point Movement: Start a Wrist Lock
If you are trying to effect a wrist lock on someone, you can often help the beginning of a lock with pressure to a spot near the collapsing joint.

For example, if you wanted to effect the Basic Lock on the wrist (See Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert), you could start the collapse by digging the side of your forefinger into the pressure point about an inch above the inside of the wrist.

Without the collapse, your aggressor might resist, but if you can collapse the wrist a little, then the rest of the lock will be easier to apply.

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Keith Pascal is a martial-arts writer and has taught martial arts for 25 years.

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mma said...

Great article , another point to consider is, what is considered autonomic responses , or the bodies natural response to an attack upon these pressure points. When you know these you can effectively set up more effective combinations .


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